Class Levels

Greenhouse Holistic offers a wide variety of classes to meet the needs of the growing Yoga practitioner. We strive to offer a balanced schedule offering BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED and OPEN level classes. See below for detailed description of each level of class:

  • COMMUNITY - A $10 class to make yoga more accessible to all. Purify your body while connecting your mind and heart to your neighborhood.
  • BASIC - For the beginner and those wishing to establish the groundwork of the foundational poses. Standing poses, balances, forward bends, backbends, twists, introduction to inversions. Deep relaxation, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices are taught.
  • OPEN - For those with some experience to the seasoned practitioner. Class is taught by the teacher's assessment of the student's capabilities. Inversions, arm balances and more advanced variations of the foundational poses are incorporated.
  • INT - For the intermediate student with at least 6 months of a continuous practice. Arm balances, inversions, binds, more advanced breathing exercises and meditation. Stamina in a vigorous class and knowledge of foundational alignment is required.
  • ADV - For practitioners who have taken their study to the next level.

We believe it is the responsibility of the student to attend the appropriate level class. If you are unsure as to which level class would best suit you, please attend a BASIC class and ask the instructors advice at moving on to OPEN, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED level classes.

All instructors at Greenhouse Holistic will teach the level of class indicated on the schedule. We will not modify an INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED class for the beginner student. Greenhouse Holistic prefers not to turn away any student for a class, however if the teacher feels that the class level is unsafe for you, he/she may recommend that you leave.

Please practice mindfulness and rest in child's pose or downward dog if needed. Feel free to ask the teacher for modifications if needed. The teacher will try their best to give alternate postures for a beginner.