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Our services are customized to the individual's needs. Our mission is to support and nourish each person's unique healing path.

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David Greenhouse: Signature Massage
Signature Massage
The Signature Greenhouse Massage w/ David Greenhouse
90 min - $160

The Signature Massage combines a unique style of deep tissue and hot stone therapy. David actively employs hot stones to sculpt the body and to heat up and disperse taut bands of muscle while using pinpoint acupressure to release deeply held tension. Hot packs and hot towels are used throughout the treatment to transport you to a rejuvenating level of relaxation.

Signature Massage Enhancements

Add one or more of these body treatments to your Signature Massage treatment:

•  Hand/Foot Exfoliating, Moisturizing Treatment (+ $20)
Using dead sea salt/oil scrub; hand cream w/shea butter and dead sea minerals; foot cream with tea tree oil, and dead sea minerals; hot towel applications.

•  Full Body Moisturizing Treatment (+ $20)
Using dead sea mineral body lotion; hot towel applications.

•  Face Detox Mud Mask, Cleanse & Moisturizing Treatment (+ $30)
Using dead sea mineral mud mask; dead sea mineral refining toner; balancing facial serum; age defying cream; hot towel applications.

•  Face Exfoliation, Cleanse & Moisturizing Treatment (+ $30)
Using dead sea mineral peeling gel; deep cleansing facial wash; balancing facial serum; age defying face cream; hot towel applications.

The Signature Massage With all Enhancements
2 hours - $300

Hand/foot, Full body, Mud Mask, and Face Exfoliation enhancements.

Other Massages by David Greenhouse
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
30 min - $60 | 60 min - $100 | 90 min - $120

In conjunction with trigger point therapy and myofascial release, these detailed, therapeutic techniques provide relief for chronically tight, over-used and burdened muscles.

Hot Stone / Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone / Deep Tissue Massage
60 min - $110 | 90 min - $130

This treatment includes the use of heated, basalt stones placed directly on the body or employed with deep tissue applications. The heat and weight from the stones opens the vessels, increasing blood flow, softening and oxygenating tight muscles and relaxing the nervous system.

Pre & Post Natal Massage
Pre & Post Natal Massage
60 min - $110 | 90 min - $130

This modality is designed to provide support to pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, as well as to new mothers. Therapists certified in this modality are aware of the contraindications (according to western and eastern modalities) during pregnancy, as well as the specific physical strains that can occur to joints and soft tissue during this time. We also incorporate special bolstering techniques for the mother's comfort.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage
60 min - $110 | 90 min - $130

Sports Massage is a special form of massage and is typically used before, during, and after athletic events. The purpose of the massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage
60 min - $90 | 90 min - $110

This modality relaxes the nervous system, improves circulation to hydrate, nourish and oxygenate tissue. It relieves muscle tension and relaxes the body. The pressure is customized to the client and can be adjusted to light, medium or firm touch.

Massages by Katie Rosenthal

Reiki and Massage service prices include optional Aromatherapy.
All services include a brief Assessment to discuss your areas of focus or concern.

60 min - $105

The AromaTouch Technique involves the application of 8 different essential oils to the back and feet only. Developed by doTerra - and using only doTerra brand, therapeutic-grade essential oils - this technique delivers benefits at the cellular level to help reduce physical pain as well as help manage mental and emotional stress. Please advise in advance if you have any allergies, as the products used are all-natural blends and plant-derived, single-note oils in a base of coconut oil (other base oils can be substituted).

Table Massage
75 min - $125

As a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, I offer therapeutic massages that combine Western and Eastern approaches to bodywork and touch therapy. Modalities include Swedish massage to relax the body and mind; Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and Sports techniques to address deeply-held tension, adhesions, and trigger points; and Ayurvedic Face & Scalp Treatments.

Floor Massage
75 min - $125

Thai Yoga Massage is an Eastern bodywork technique designed to stretch the body and move emotions through assisted stretching combined with compression and energywork. It is typically performed on a mat on the floor; with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing; and usually without the use of massage oils, though aromatherapy can help enhance the service.

60 min - $125

When stress and emotions throw you off-kilter, Reiki treatments can help bring balance back to the subtle energy ('prana') layer of your body, thereby helping you feel calmer, lighter, or more grounded. As my teacher Darcy Skye puts it, "Reiki is a gentle hands-on-healing modality [which helps to channel] universal life force energy in the form of LOVE." It can be practiced with or without touching the body, and even from a distance. (See also to learn more about Reiki.)

Enhance Your Service ($30 each)

Additional 30 minutes of Massage or Reiki (can focus on Scalp & Head, Hands & Feet, Neck & Shoulders, or anywhere that needs more attention)

Scrub (exfoliate the Back, Hands or Feet with natural products)

Hot Stone treatment (the heat of natural rocks can "melt" away muscular tension)

Ayurvedic assessment of your dosha (determine your holistic mind-body constitutional type)

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Massage Prices
Greenhouse Signature Massage Price Duration
The Signature Greenhouse Massage w/ David Greenhouse $16090 min
Hand/Foot Exfoliating, Moisturizing Treatment $2015 min
Full Body Moisturizing Treatment $2015 min
Face Detox Mud Mask, Cleanse & Moisturizing Treatment $3015 min
Face Exfoliation, Cleanse & Moisturizing Treatment $3015 min
The Signature Massage With all Enhancements $3002 hours
Other Massages by David Greenhouse 30 min 60 min 90 min
Deep Tissue Massage$60$100$120
Hot Stone / Deep Tissue Massage-$110$130
Pre & Post Natal Massage-$110$130
Sports Massage-$110$130
Swedish Massage-$90$110
Massages by Katie Rosenthal 60 min 75 min
Aromatherapy $105 -
Table Massage - $105
Floor Aromatherapy - $105
Reiki $105 -

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Booking Conditions

• You may pay for your massage on location or online.

• A charge of $50 will be added for any 1/2 hour of massage requested with the initial booking.

• 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments.

• All major credit cards accepted.

• All Greenhouse Holistic therapists are NYS licensed and fully insured.

• If you plan to use a Living Social, Groupon, or other voucher for your massage, please notify the client coordinator when scheduling your appointment.

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