We provide a customized process of cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, steaming, and facial massage to relax the muscles and fascia of the face, neck, and decollete.


Gentle Grounding Facial  50 min -$165   
A 50 minute experience with custom essential oil aromatherapy and breathwork, utilizing enzymatic exfoliation, and an extended hot and cold massage to soothe skin & soul.
Please note that this service is contraindicated for a pregnant clients & clients with allergies to essential oils or fragrance.
Acne Antidote Facial 50 min -$155   
A 50 minute experience with extractions, Celluma blue LED therapy, calming cryotherapeutic massage and full restoration of skin hydration after light customized exfoliation.
Recommended as a monthly treatment, Enhanced Exfoliation 
available after consult with your Esthetician.
Age Erase Facial: 60 min -$195    
A 60 Minute facial reset with Celluma red & infrared LED, painless Myolift™ true Microcurrent & customized exfoliation working to erase & smooth fine lines, mitigate age related hyperpigmentation & restore your youthful glow. 
Ideal for event prep.
Express Service: 30 min -$95      
A 30 minute facial service perfect for a lunch time escape, express service includes a double cleanse, gentle enzymatic exfoliation, customized mask and targeted serums. 
Extractions are available as a Boost.
Boost your facial with these enhancements:
LED enhancemenT 10 minutes $40
Enhanced Exfoliation $50
Extractions 10 minutes, $40
Peptide EGF masque $45
Targeted microcurrent massage $45

The Esthetician

Shay Michele Flyn is a licensed esthetician with over 7 years of experience, having worked with luxury spas including VEDA & HEYDAY, retailed 10R, Chanel & La Prairie among may luxury brands.

Additionally, she has served as the lead esthetician for Ameon Skincare and advised several niche brands on spa protocol and operations.

Shay excels in product knowledge and building effortless routines alongside luxurious treatments.

A Long Island escapee, Shay is an Astoria local with a love for local drag, finding the best french fries in NYC and crafting art when they aren’t working.

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